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Here are three excerpt from the latest book FREEDOM DIVINE.

[1] A free person does not hate someone still in bondage, but rather feels compassion. But a bound up person often hates the free. According to some ‘one is too free’ why? Are you afraid of liberation? Do you trust yourself or the one IN you? If you do not trust yourself with freedom then there is too much of religious bondage in you and not enough of the LIVING GOD.

[2] When you are bound you will be uncomfortable hearing about true freedom. This discomfort comes unexpectedly from the subconscious regions of your soul; it’s a feeling. Now, we can use that rational mind with which we can ‘enslave’ that feeling and make it obey those new thoughts of freedom. It’s a psychological reversal: instead of enslaving this fearful feeling I overpower it with the liberating thought, which in turn creates a brand new feeling. When we do that often then the liberating thoughts will create feelings of boldness and freedom. Those feelings will be established for the righteous is as bold as a lion (Prov. 28:1). A bound up person cannot be bold. The renewal of mind is rooted in freedom and it must break all psychological bonds. And when that happens the spiritual realm next to you become so close that you can actually step into it and blend with.

Feelings of caution, timidity or doubt never come from the Holy Spirit for had they come from Him then He would have ministered bondage rather than freedom, space and grace.

[3] If Jesus were not free, He could not bring freedom. If I were not free I could never teach you freedom. Like a soldier in a uniform obeying commands of my superiors I would only keep on beating on the same dead horse. But God chose me for something special; something I was aware of my entire life. Our freedom is so precious to the Father that He sends liberators like Moses, Samson, Gideon, Elijah and finally Jesus His firstborn. What makes a general superior to a soldier? A soldier can also become a general. But the religious generals covered well their behinds by enslaving us all to their immovable doctrines. Today people are actually afraid of anything new, because - I’m sorry to say - they are not free. They wear the old garment and eat stale bread for it is ‘safer’ that way.

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