In the midst of raging storm Jesus slept in the boat and when His disciples awakened Him He looked at them surprised. The Sea of Galilee experiences such storms when high winds vortex on a rather small lake. Of course, the disciples have experienced these storms before, but this time they had Jesus in the boat. Was it a test?

I am quite certain that Jesus was not asleep for no one can sleep in a rocked boat being tossed by strong winds and splashed with water. Jesus anticipated His disciples’ reaction.

There are laws that govern all things in existence, knowing these laws is one thing but to bend them is another. We may try to bend a man-made law or even break, which we call violation, but we cannot change a tornado’s behavior. We cannot stop an earthquake or stop active volcano. When their time comes hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes start to act.


In the Bible (Leviticus 23) we read about the appointed God’s feasts, seasons during which God wants to be celebrated. We count days and on the seventh we rest. Well, man has seemingly changed that, but only seemingly, the count remains the same. Seven days, seven weeks, seven months, seven years and seven generations. This irregular number has no rhythm for if it had it would work like a mathematically calibrated machine. The seventh stops the rhythm. In Hebrew number seven is SHEVA and to sit and repose is SHEV; therefore seven means rest.

The Big Bang theory is very interesting, but it would have to have the count of sevens in its creative character, therefore it could never be accidental.


The reason for the number seven is something I call as a reserved seat, just as you reserve a table in a restaurant. Although everything in the entire Universe turns in a rhythmic way we still have leap months and leap years and that goes for every orbiting celestial body. The Bible says that the Creator rested on the seventh day He did SHEV, sat down. Although God is Spirit and He does not tire nor ever grows weary for only any physical exertion brings weariness; therefore the SHEVA was all physical bodies. Objects do not have this consciousness but we do.

We do not orbit like the moon does for we have not been programmed, we hear, read, think, learn and then choose. Planets don’t do that.


Having said what I just said, we come to the point of studying the mind of Jesus. Believing in the story of Him hushing the storm, walking on water or changing water into wine has nothing to do with my subjective logic. Believing to me is an acceptance of something being said as true, because I believe the author or rather the storyteller. When my mother told me a fairy I did not believe in the story but my mother. If she lied to me then that is her problem not mine. I have nothing to shield. A lot of people carry themselves as if on golden platters and constantly busy themselves shielding their “super” sensitivities treating them as unique. Yet, everyone is sensitive and unique, we just go about it differently.


As I mature and look back on my childhood I realize that what I have absorbed was a mixture of true and false things and so now I sort them out. I throw away the untrue things and keep that which is true. This distinction God created when He enticed Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and not first of the Tree of Life.

A simple story, fairytale, legend, but this story is laden with meaning. I believe it and why not? But do I believe in the detail or in principle? That is the question. 

Why not first the Tree of Life, but rather the Tree of Contrast of something true, false, something good and bad? Between these two sides is the choice. But this choice must be sharpened.

1. It is like a scale: on one side you have the negative, and the other the positive. If the scale does not tilt in either direction then you are the field, neutral an equal mixture of both.

2. If the negative side of the scale is heavier and dips then you are the tare; too much of the not dealt with in repentance evil. —I must add here that often to such people repentance is the remotest idea; their overinflated pride has clouded their minds beyond repentance.

3. If the positive side dips then you are the good seed. You have accumulated good deeds; and your thoughts become straighter; and therefore more righteous, clearer and you are good.     

That explains our believing.

Right after my believing comes the study and a more precise examination. I begin to sort things; throwing away illusions and embracing but only the Truth.  

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  1. Unknown says:

    Details are very important , but I learned not to look only after the details but to seek the principle. So it took me time thinking about this message, to bring together the seperat points you choose and to find the principle in the whole message. And I am still seeking .... and asking me: why you choose the story of Him hushing the storm and the appointed seasons and the point SHEVA next? There must be a connection - is it the "hush down" and the SHEV - "sit down"? Both means to "come down", to come to rest.
    And you wrote: "...therefore the SHEVA was all physical bodies. Objects do not have this consciousness but we do." So only all physical bodies rested on the seventh day - does it mean they rested in all- also in their mind, their subjective (normal)thinking and not only in their "normal" doing?

  2. Unknown says:

    As a suggestion only, follow the sequence of pictures, depictions or thoughts.

    1. Believing in Jesus' walking on water, multiplying bread and fish or changing water into wine etc, is only a baby state, crawling on fourths. Many use these as a support of their belief that Jesus is God.

    If Jesus is the Almighty God then we should be the children of Jesus, but did He never called Himself the Father? No. He said, "the Father is greater then I." Jesus is the firstborn Son of God and we are His siblings therefore gods but under the Father.

    This sentence leads to #2. "When their time comes hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes start to act." God's appointed timing for all things.

    2. Appointed seasons explains God's time with #3 Sevenths.

    God had setup the time in sevenths. So that's our first learning of His ways. When to work and when to sit and rest.

    3. BELIEVING - this explains the entire article.
    "Believing to me is an acceptance of something being said as true, because I believe the author or rather the storyteller. When my mother told me a fairy I did not believe in the story but my mother. If she lied to me then that is her problem not mine."

    We go beyond the basic faith and we study God and His ways and the manual is the Bible. More. We have much more in Judaism (some things make sense others don't), but the knowledge is there.

    And finally #4 TRUTH & FAIRY TALES
    Blind believing is useless. Spiritual growth leads not to indoctrination (by yet another man or woman) but the knowledge of God and His ways.

    As #5, we conclude: the reasons as to why God did not bring us (through Nechash) to the point of eating from the Tree of Life fist, but rather first from the Tree of knowledge. And as to why we were not permitted to eat of the Tree of Life AT THAT TIME is explained (in Genesis 3).

    So we had to mature and attain to a mature state, (perfection) only then we choose wisely because by then we know and not only blindly believe like little children.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for sharing.

    PS I am working on and so I am busy with these things.

  3. Unknown says:

    Thank you- it helps me so much!

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