Most people seek self-identity as if they lost it. They seek to define themselves, but in what terms? –This goes blurry. On one hand we want to know ourselves while on the other we mystify anything that would identify us with deity. And here again we run into all sorts of problems, and that is because of religion, belongings, beliefs and their foggy explanations; so the bottom line is… just believe. Yet, we live in a world that wants to understand and know. In this modern jungle of ideas—where we meet up with opportunists and those who in no time want to take advantage of any weakness or gap in your straightforward thinking—that it is hard to believe and much lass trust. We hate to be manipulated. Despondently, many have stopped believing.

Believing is no logic. Just because a founder of some religious establishment did not have answers to many questions and preached blind acceptance does not invalidate the fact that we want to know the Truth.

Instead of leaving things suspended in time allowing them to roll we want to grasp things and even control. A blind acceptance of something declared as the truth spawns more questions for such is the nature of time and progress. Those who have allowed themselves be indoctrinated and tightly framed in a repetitive religious tradition go nowhere. They are stuck. But those who seek they do find.

Permit yourself to be present-minded for what you are reading may lead you further into the full glory of the Truth.

Who created timidity? Not God. Who created scary things like devils, fallen angels and poltergeists? Not God. Who binds? Not God. Who liberates? God.   

Life is a journey and we stumble upon many things. We turn stones and then boringly leave them alone; yet there may be one stone you have not yet turned.

The scientific term, Homo sapiens, applies only to an evolved physical creature and nothing more. Go ahead, study hair, bones, teeth and DNA, but you will only find similarities; and if you want to use them to define yourself you can that too, but that’s not the real you.

Ethnicity, race, culture and religious belonging will never define you and you do not want to be defined anyway; because by the time you think you have gotten it you die.

Only Homo sapiens carry the immortality gene, a distant mark left in our DNA pointing back to the original plan of God for us. Which God, you may ask, Elohim, Jesus, or Allah? What mess we have gotten ourselves into?

To be fair, the earliest book was the Bible, which is the ground zero for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Only Muhammad told his followers that God does not speak directly to man anymore; he was the last. Was he a smart chap or a control freak? It is like saying, we fought with swords and spears and that’s it; no other weapon can be used in Islam. We ate cuscus and that’s it; you cannot eat potatoes. Similar things we find in these there religions, and why it is so? Hardly anyone knows. No more prophets, no more apostles, God does not speak to people… have we grown weary of God? Is He really so terrible, giving us hell and Satan and only He knows what else?

Chimps are no Homo sapiens, or ARDI. Even if evolutionary links will be found they will only create grounds for disagreements and the status quo will continue.

Intelligence is not found in fossils or missing links; it is found in divine logic, which you and I possess. Why do we need need between our Creator and us a dead religion and its dead interpretations? Why protectionism and with it disagreements. Why do we need to define God or leave Him alone while we focus on matter? 

Mulling over just the physical and the aging; steals precious time. Let's study endless life, which had released (birthed) us into this physical hemisphere in human shells, which went through many transitions.

There was an old creation and different human-like species before the brand new creation—Adam. Only Adam possessed the divine spirit of life, with which he was able to decide and choose.

Gad made him to eat from the Tree of Contrasts (tree of knowledge of good and evil) so that after he knew the “yes” and “no” he then could choose. That’s intelligence. Since he did not have yet a tangible experience yet—on his body and the ground the consequence of transgression—he had to be led out from the place of his birth.

[Genesis 3:22-23] “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”— [23] therefore the LORD God sent him out from the garden of Eden, to cultivate the ground from which he was taken.

This makes a lot of sense because it signifies an intelligent choice, which was there ready for Adam’s pickings. But it was not yet the time. These people lived over 900 years - plenty of time to learn God’s ways. The hard consequences lasted a very long time; only after Seth’s son Enosh there was a renaissance and they started to call out to God by His name YHVH.

In the seventh generation, after Adam, Enoch loved God and walked with Him. Enoch knew God. There was no religion yet to interfere with his walk. No one could say that he was in error or preached a false doctrine. The Creator took him, and I believe that one of his students was Melchizedek the king of Jerusalem who went out to meet Abraham. No one knew the king’s family. The priest was just there… just like the wind. No one knew where he came from or where he was going (John 3:8).

Those who conquered death were not those who were in control, but rather those who relinquished any control. Just as Jesus did in Gethsemane, “Not my will, but Thine.”  Does it make sense? —Of course it does.

These are the secrets of immortality and this mark is in our DNA already. You do not need religion as such to interfere with this most glorious walk. You need love and care. You need someone honest to tell you something without marketing it and building an empire of his or her own.  

These are not fairies to be disbelieved, and even if they are; know this that in every fairytale you will find a moral. And it is this moral you are after.

Life has no start and no end. Philosophically and theologically speaking, we deemed our bodies perishable, but as we study creation and the Creator we find something else. It is our choice, mixed with regrets that we age and die, that drove us to this conclusion.

The real Homo sapiens are not evolved monkeys, which can be taught tricks. If you let other Homo Erectus kind teach you tricks then you will act like they want you to. But if the Creator teaches you then these are no longer tricks.

Knowledge liberates and the lack of it binds. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    "Since he did not have yet a tangible experience yet—on his body and the ground the consequence of transgression—he had to be led out from the place of his birth. " This is so logical! Adam had to be led out from the place of his birth (Eden) - To make experiences that lead to knowledge. In the same way Abraham was called to leave the place of his birth (Gen12:1) And what about us - isn't it the same?
    So : Is it possible, that when we have made THESE experiences ( that make us wise and lead to perfection) we will then return to the place of our birth? I mean: YES!

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