The idea of God, and the idea of life, is one and the same. The Big Bang theory emerged from thoughts about beginning. Today we find out much more than ever before. We build better microscopes, electroscopes and telescopes and discover endless galaxies with innumerable celestial bodies. I use the term ‘celestial bodies’ because we are not able to see everything and much less name all things in existence. This wearies our mind and body and then we give up and say. There must be a God.

Intuitions, subliminal perceptions, instincts, or call it psychic powers, etc., make us think of oneness and communications. And speaking of the latter we have capitalized on this world of oneness and harnessed this awesome energy, but some use it for vanities, others for indoctrinations, scientific information, selling and buying. Cyberspace buzzes with chatter like the Amazonian jungle reverberating with mating calls.

No oxygen or hydrogen constitutes life, for these are only gases, which we can breathe or drink in a liquid form. And we need them because of life. We need sugars and salts, sunlight and rain and again we need them all because of life. It does not matter how we go about it. It always comes down to ground zero: life came from somewhere and dwells among us.

The religious idea of heaven is farfetched. We imagine it to be myriads of light-years away from us, and yet Jesus repeatedly said that it is among us and within us and in our minds, right here. In Deuteronomy 30, heaven is the word (commandment or law), which is in our heart and in our mouth… that close. Then we go on imagining the falling of Lucifer and then we count one third of fallen angels from myriads? —Indeed a huge chip on man’s shoulder, and a stupid one too.  Blind beliefs rather than knowledge order man’s imaginations. It is alarming to discover how stupid humans are, but don’t tell them that; lest they turn on you and eat you alive.

Stupidity and severe limitations are usually self-made. The reason is always self-identity, self-glory and the silly pompous pride; always taking credit for an incomplete work. No man can complete anything. Knowledge increases and changes with time. Nothing can be caught and appropriated as ones’ own and take credit for it. You can catch a butterfly but you cannot say that it is yours; it still belongs to the Creator or to life. Instead of getting offended one should ask ‘why am I stupid?’ Staring at the face of the most awesome wisdom one can only call him or herself an idiot, which would help, for that would open up the door of cognizance, knowledge and wisdom. But no… No one would ever do that. And that is because this overinflated pompous chip on the shoulder weighs a ton.

I have decided to nullify the effects of self on my mind. Self-nullification is actually the door that opens storehouses of knowledge. The law is such that without the humbling of self-importance nothing divine can penetrate our thick skulls. That is why God is not being comprehended, known, or experienced. Some people experience supernatural miracles while others—at the same time and in the same place—feel nothing and experience nothing. They are like dry boards absorbing no moisture. Others are there to only criticize because they can’t help feeling envy and that is only one of the offshoots of this idiotic psychological malady.

There is no university on this planet that teaches life in its pure form or no form at all. Life has no form; hence, it cannot be controlled. We can harness electricity, which is abundantly flowing down to us from the sun and through the rain clouds. We can control fire and cook with it, but when it takes over we are helpless, just as we are when facing hurricanes and tornadoes.

This human imbecilic chip on human shoulder retards our progress and so we have become retards in the true sense of the word. All too soon we object and disagree just because one of the neutrons in our brain is stuck in one particular place and does not want to move anywhere else. All too quickly we disagree as if protecting our turf for which we have taken credit, wrote a book or got some prestigious prize. Thus we limit our development and intellectual heights, which are at our fingertips. This pulling down and trashing of others comes from this idiotic disposition.

Life forms can be studied and the “best” way to do that is when they are billions of years old, ha, ha, ha... There is no one to disagree with those numbers are there? Safety net one just landed on and likes it.

When it comes to religion all camps harnessed the power of crowds, like fish their scales must be scraped off, and then they cannot go back into the water and be free. They were scared of hell and then of the devil and then they wish to live forever in that same heaven from which Lucifer fell. Next we must smoke them over our smoke and fire. Once that’s done we store them and ask them to disagree with anything new that does not square with that smokehouse’s doctrine.

Retards produce retards. Life cannot be harnessed. Jesus came to proclaim freedom. He closed the book and the religious slaves were about to throw Him off the cliff. In another place they tried to stone Him to death: “Thank you for your sermon on freedom preacher, but we don’t like it and we will kill you for preaching it to us.” So it is today also.

Life or God, one and the same (not a thing), but Person; He is LIFE and the author of life. The more you are busy with God the Spirit, with no shell, contour and much less a human god, the more life you receive. You grow. You expand and one day, as it was with Enoch LIFE will take you and permanently keep you. You do not own life for you did not bring yourself into this world by choice, did you?

Discover this life today. I have only navigated you to it. To end it well, based on the Gospel of John 8:31-32; let me show you five steps to freedom.

1.    Accept what I say as being the truth (believe).
2.    Continue in my teaching.
3.    Become my disciple.
4.    Know the truth.
5.    Become free.

Just as the Spirit of Life is completely free. So can you be also. Those who are born of the Spirit sin no more, and are like the wind. No one knows where you are coming from and where you go (John 3:8 & 1John 3:9). No one can drive a screw into your head anymore and indoctrinate you.

While others are constantly busy binding people with their points of (political) views, doctrines and beliefs I chose to free people. 

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