No matter what we go through we will always deal with connections between people, but above all a connection to God, which is always through vessels He appoints for that very reason.

Jesus is in heaven and now we are His body on earth, His agents and ambassadors, but not all. Shepherds and sheep, teachers and pupils, etc., … God anoints one for another in order to bring people closer to Himself. His vessels must be pleasing to Him for although King Saul was anointed he was displeasing to God. Saul was people’s choice, which God allowed, but certainly he was not God’s choice. Right here we learn something that should change our thinking. There are self-appointed people who play religion and God appointed vessels. Based on these two we must be led of the Spirit and discern as to which one is which. God’s judgment falls because of our ignorance and often willingly chosen for conveniences’ sake. 

The story of Saul and David continues through the ages. The one who is pleasing to God must run being persecuted by the one who appointed himself or was made so by flesh-and-blood earthly agents. People assume. People pretend and play theater before others and with themselves. They are important in their own eyes and look with disdain upon those God truly chose. Inevitably, God's judgments must fall and they do fall; and in the process they fall even on the one who was connected to God's beloved; yet totally unnecessarily so. Jonathan died like his father.


It is hard to explain it all, but not impossible. God’s judgments can be compared to cut down trees for when on tree is sick even a new stem of the same root is cut and uprooted. God looks at the genetic pool, but He does not judge you because of a belonging, but rather that you have made the fleshly connection a priority.

It would have been better for Jonathan if he had deserted Saul’s household and joined David. However, that takes a spiritual insight. Often staying with the king (Saul) living in a palace and being served by the royal attendants is much more convenient and important. God is tough. His love is tough because He is a covenant keeping God. For Jonathan to part with and take a gamble on the next king was not feasible. Jonathan's foresight was not deep enough nor his will strong enough.

Jesus said [Luke 11:23] "He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me, scatters." He also said [Matthew 10:37] “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me." 

So, Jonathan loved his father and the royal household more than the divine connection with David and God’s awesome love.


Saul played religion every possible way, but not even once God spoke to him. Saul even “prophesied” it was said, but he was only among the prophets; he fell to the ground and lay naked all day long, powerfully and religiously so. But when it came to hearing God for himself he got nothing. Saul kept on sacrificing and 'licked Samuel's boots' trying to please the man of God.

[Proverbs 15:8 & 28:9] The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD, but the prayer of the upright is His delight. (…) He who turns away his ear from listening to the law, even his prayer is an abomination.


Regardless how we go about our life on this planet, eventually we will be confronted with the plain and undeniable truth, but will it then be too late for some? God's judgments keep on falling since the expulsion from Eden and from the cross of Jesus onward. So what that Jesus was chosen a hero of the new religion in whose name beheadings and burnings were committed and all sorts of political maneuverings only to establish man’s religious kingdoms and never God’s. So what that for selfish reasons we use the name of Jesus as if the magical would happen when we do. You can say ten thousand times “In Jesus’ name, in Jesus' name...” and the magical won’t happen. We assume too much and then must live with these self-projected illusions.

[Isaiah 30:10] Who say to the seers, “You must not see visions”; and to the prophets, “You must not prophesy to us what is right, speak to us pleasant words, prophesy illusions.”

[Psalms 51:6] Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom.


On the first day of Rosh Ha Shannah around 3 AM a man in white walked into my room. He was big, but very pleasant. I was at all not frightened as if I knew him. This man walked straight on to me as if trying to get inside me. I said, “Do you need anything? Can I help you?” I turned on the light and remained sleepless for the rest of the night. I went downstairs and all of a sudden I saw through the entire humanity. This powerful awareness was incredible. I saw everything, I heard everything I was like God Himself and then I heard voice asking me, “Do you want to be Me and see all that I see.” I trembled and said, “Oh no Lord. Why do you ask?” Then He said, “Do you see what I have to go through?” I wept.

This angel in my room was on a mission of visiting all human households on the planet. His move, as if trying to get inside me, was to… well the above just explained it, didn’t it? I asked to be normal again, and not see and not hear what God sees and hears.


I have no desire to parade anything or display myself like a flashing neon advertisement in New York's Time Square. I do not care to be a prophet. All true prophets were murdered; they only suffered. So I keep many things to myself. What I write here is to let you know that I see much more and hear much more than I let out. I shared it with my wife. Now I share it with you.

Jesus said, [Matthew 12:34] “You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.”

Those were powerful words for Jesus the Truth used His X-Ray vision. He saw through the religious hypocrisy. It's amazing. I have numerously seen this; people look in my face and lie and don’t even blink. When I try to let them know what I see, they deny, just as the hypocrites Pharisees did and then they are on the offensive. Like a heat-seeking missile they target me. So what do I do? I go away.


Today I leave all judgments to God, although I was there first. It is like being on a speeding train about to be derailed, I either pull the emergency brake or jump off the train. Judgments then fall, yet totally unnecessarily so and yes, it is God’s love interacting with us. His garments become too heavy being laden and heavily saturated with undealt with and unreported for human discharges. He shakes those garments off and then that which man pinned on God, his vile bile falls back on him. “Let the polluted be more polluted, but let the holy be more holy.” Those are God’s judgments. You throw chaff in the air and then wind blows it back in your face.

[Matthew 23:31-32] So you testify against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up, then, the measure of the guilt of your fathers.

And then… judgment falls.


In Genesis 20:7-18 we read that God answered Abraham's prayer. God also answered Job's prayer for his friends. God answered David's prayer, but not Saul's, etc. Regardless how special people want to feel the fact remains that God appoints servants/vessels; those that found favor in His eyes and He hears their prayers for in fact they are His intercessors. But if there is no connection made between the one, which God had already sent, and the word He channels through that vessel; then all too often people die; although again, totally unnecessarily so. That's the reality.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hart. wahr.

  2. Unknown says:

    Dear brother Levi Ben - thank you so much for your teaching! Exspecially for sharing such personals experiences like the visit from the man in white. It touched me so deep...

    You used such great pictures for explaining God`s judgements - like this (quote):
    "He shakes those garments off and then that which man pinned on God, his vile bile falls back on him." These great pictures are very helpful for me to understand.

    What you wrote about Jonathan is very "eyes-opening". I understand Jonathans behavior - to choose that " living in a palace and being served by the royal attendants". Such a life is very convenient and happy... This picture remembered me at my desire to find a "good group or community" to meet one another, to speak...to sind... to pray...and so on. In my past I had this and it was often very nice to be together in this community - all people were happy, friendly, smiling... no one had problems, we were singing lovely songs together, praying, laughing... the preaching was softly and lovely...no one stepped on my feet... it was like "to live in a palace and beeing served by - by Jesus (in this example)!... But this life was not helpful for me to grow in the spirit - because it was only a "religios theatre" I say today. And I am really thankful for the grace to recognized this. For me it was only possible through your teaching and explaining THE TRUTH. You brought the divine food for my spirit man and I will never eat another one. Without His choosen vessels He sent to teach and preach and explain all of us will be lost because we by ourself can not realize THE TRUTH, we need HIS vessel to explain the scripture like Jesus did for His disciples.
    What you have to go through - I think I have no little idea and will never have.
    And I know - the best way to say "thank you" is to bear the good FRUITS.

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