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Let’s start with scriptures that emphasize the difference between just being used of God and the righteous and even holy living, which ultimately is the goal of any ministry. Evangelism is necessary for it seeks the lost. Bible teaching refines that which has been found and brought into God’s fold.

[James 1:22] But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.

[James 2:26] For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.

[John 15:8] My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.

[Matthew 7:16-20] You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? 17 So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 So then, you will know them by their fruits.

[Luke 10:17; 20] The seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” 20 Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven.

We do not know about any other disciples of Jesus but the seventy He sent out and who returned with great news.

[John 6:60] Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this said, “This is a difficult statement; who can listen to it?

They did not humble themselves to the point of asking questions as to the meaning of Jesus’ words.

[John 6:66-67] As a result of this many of His disciples withdrew and were not walking with Him anymore. 67 So Jesus said to the twelve, “You do not want to go away also, do you?”

Now, the twelve are also being challenged. Peter responds with a question.

[John 6:68) Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.

The difference between the seventy and the twelve is this: the seventy did not ask questions, they did not search and therefore did not find. And although they were used of God they were not after the fruits and righteousness, but more after power. When challenged they left Jesus and followed Him no more.

God used Balaam and even his donkey.

[Numbers 22:28; 32] 28 And the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”

32 The angel of the LORD said to him, “Why have you struck your donkey these three times? Behold, I have come out as an adversary (Hebrew Satan), because your way was contrary to Me (the LORD’s way not the angels’ way).

Being used of God does not mean to be holy or even righteousness in God’s eyes. I have been used of God since I was twelve. I brought tens of thousands of souls to Christ. God raised four people from the dead, healed epilepsy, made the lame walk and created nonexistent eyes, and healed numerous cancers worldwide through my prayers, word and my hands. Am I proud of it? There is nothing to be proud of. It is His work and not mine, nor is it my righteousness. I only obeyed Him and yielded to His will for that moment; and this is my fruit.

One can be righteous and still do the great works of God. Why should God only use donkeys, stones, sinners or even perverts? If He does than He does it out of necessity and this He is doing to this very day.

[Luke 10:2] …beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

He did not say sons, but laborers or hirelings.

God uses many hirelings, hired hands the laborers, but He also has sons who do not work for rewards for they have always been in God’s house and to them belongs everything.

We have glorified faith as something magical, but faith is a gift (1Cor. 12:9) and it comes when we prepare a place for it. The gift of faith to believe in Christ the Savior also comes the moment Christ is preached (Romans 10:17), and yet it comes.

There is nothing of us. God used Balaam’s mouth to utter blessings instead of curses—as he in his heart had planned to do—but although God changed the contents of Balaam’s mouth the son of Beor died for his own wickedness. 

Read the story.  

[Numbers 31:8] They killed the kings of Midian along with the rest of their slain: Evi and Rekem and Zur and Hur and Reba, the five kings of Midian; they also killed Balaam the son of Beor with the sword.

Many do not understand it. [Luke 12:48] (…) From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

So find out how Balaam sinned.

Balaam's counsel against God's anointed.

[Numbers 31:16] Behold, these caused the sons of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, so the plague was among the congregation of the LORD.

Man's free will and hence choices. God intervenes on behalf His beloved.

[Deuteronomy 23:5] Nevertheless, the LORD your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, but the LORD your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because the LORD your God loves you.
Wages of unrighteousness deal with planning to come against God's anointed.

[2Peter 2:15] … forsaking the right way, they have gone astray, having followed the way of Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness.God can use anyone to do the job, but there are many hired hands whom the Father does not know for they have never been His, or with Him, yet He uses them. (Carpenter's tools only

[Matthew 7:21-23] Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22 Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

The preaching of the Gospel is to find that which has been lost. Mass evangelism is to find in masses an individual. The entire heaven rejoices over just one that repents like the house of the returning prodigal son rejoiced. 

[Luke 15:7] I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.

Earthly measures mean nothing to God. Flesh and human souls He can annihilate in one instant and render them nonexistent in a split second. 

God hired many to break through to us. He hired Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, but since they were not God’s sons but hired hands they went for the earthly glory and for rewards just as hirelings do. What they did to others goes on their account and although God used them for you and me, they themselves will give full account of their own deeds. Luther’s deeds led to Hitler’s Holocaust. So imagine what grave sin he had committed against the German people first, but above all against God’s chosen people in his midst.

[Romans 14:12] So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.
Luther did not have to choose sin, but (in his own words) he chose sin. The healed man at the Pool of Bethesda was told to sin no more so that nothing worse might happen to him (John 5:14). If the woman caught on adultery and the Bethesda man were told to go and sin no more then we know that not only they, but also all of us have the power to not sin anymore (John 8:11).

Jesus said,  [Luke 10:2] And He was saying to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

He did not say sons but laborers who work for wages.

[Matthew 5:9] Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

[Matthew 5:43-45] You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

[Romans 8:14; 19] For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. (…) 19 For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

God used the king of Babylon whom He had anointed to do even the most unpleasant work of destruction and exile of Judah to Babylon.

Tisha B’Av

The first temple was destroyed on the ninth of Av and Judeans were exiled. On the same day the second temple was destroyed and Jews were exiled again. It is not coincidental. God shows us His perfect will by keeping the clock. Why would anyone think otherwise?

In many ways God uses one nation for another. God also used the Jew to test gentiles.

[Isaiah 49:6b) I will also make You a light of the nations So that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth.

Jewish dispersions deal with God’s seed being sown abroad and with being the light not only to themselves, but above all to the nations of the world; as it is right now. God could not wait to manifest His sovereignty over all of His own creation.

1. He turned King Nebuchadnezzar into an ox and then restored him.
2. The flames killed seven Babylonians, but not the three Jews Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who walked in the midst of the same fire that killed others.
3. Lions would not touch Daniel. Etc.

These were the witnesses to God’s absolute sovereignty over all of His creation without our help and yet through us. As a result the King of Babylon made a proclamation that there is no other (pagan) God but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

God raised up Cyrus the king of Persia to whom He proclaimed His absolute sovereignty. He anointed Cyrus to rescue the stolen by Nebuchadnezzar temple treasures and Cyrus returned them to the rightful owners in Jerusalem.

Through Cyrus Persia heard of God’s sovereignty. That’s indeed mass evangelism of those days.

[Isaiah 44:28] “It is I who says of Cyrus, ‘He is My shepherd! And he will perform all My desire.’ And he declares of Jerusalem, ‘She will be built,’ And of the temple, ‘Your foundation will be laid.’”

[Isaiah 45:1; 5-7] Thus says the LORD to Cyrus His anointed, Whom I have taken by the right hand, To subdue nations before him And to loose the loins of kings; To open doors before him so that gates will not be shut.

[5-7] “I am the LORD, and there is no other; besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me; that men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun that there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other, the One forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these.

This God I proclaim to you today. Not the so-called Christian God who fights with His foes, which He Himself created in the first place, even Satan. Not the Christian god who gave you the enemy to hate and to fight with. He is the God who is over all and told you to love your enemies (Mat. 5:44).

You can say that the devil is behind the actions of those who persecute you; so you love the sinner but hate his sin. That’s paranoia and spiritual schizophrenia for no one is able to do that yet many claim that they do so.
Who gave us this syrupy piety?

Do you love those who persecute you? One can only love with a feeling of mercy for the blind persecutor. The one who persecutes you is blind and miserable, lost and a fool. Be bigger than the persecutor or the one that hates you. Rise above them, for your are the standard of love no matter what. For crying out loud; you are a peacemaker; sons and daughters of the Most High. 

God will destroy the sinner with his sin just as He did in Noah’s flood. God does not play games. Leave all judgments up to Him. It is easier that way.

Scriptures must be understood and not subjectively interpreted. We know that devil is a man (like Cain) and Satan is God’s prosecutor in His own court of law for it cannot be in any other way. What else?

The same God who spoke through His angel to Balaam, “I have come out as Satan because your way was contrary to Me.”God Himself became the prosecutor and faultfinder for He knew Balaam's heart.

This paranoia has ruled our mind for much too long. God can turn any angel into anything He wants for He indeed is God.

[1Kings 22:23] Now therefore, behold, the LORD has put a deceiving (lying) spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets; and the LORD has proclaimed disaster against you.

God is God. Not just a loving even human like lollypop sugar daddy; just because we like Him to be such according to our wishes and imaginations.  

[Judges 1:23] Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem…

All books predating Babylon do not contain a detached from God Satan. Therefore, the further back in time we go the closer we approach the the Truth, which makes us free from any a bondage, be it oppressive, fearful, theological etc., even from man's utter stupidity.

[1Samuel 16:14] Now the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD terrorized him.

Christendom invented another even a dualistic god: the Good God versus the bad Satan, someone to fight with and to hate as if Satan can function completely on his own. Preposterous!

*[2Samuel 24:1] Now again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and it incited David against them to say, “Go, number Israel and Judah.”

As the scripture portrays it God’s anger is vented through Satan or any other angel God decides to use in an adverse manner.

NOTE: The Book of Chronicles was compiled in Babylon and Persia. In Medo-Persia Jews were introduced to Zoroastrianism; and from which evolved Manichean dualism (mostly in Christianity). Although Jews entertained Zoroastrian ideas they stopped this nonsense and returned to the study of the Torah; nonetheless, their writings survived. One of those preposterous writings is the 'Book of Jubilees' and the 'Book of Enoch' and others like these, which greatly influenced the by then already heavily Hellenized Jewish mind. 

After Hasmoneans appointed Prusheem (Pharisees) to cleanse Jews from pagan influences the Pharisees themselves (most converts to Judaism) carried their own doctrines of demons with Satan as the Beelzebul (or Beelzebub the prince, boss, king and master of demons). 

At the dawn of Christianity these well-spread ideas appealed to the Greek mind of the early Christians and the polytheistic message was narrowed down to dualism, God vs. Satan, which survived to this day. The only exception is that the Greeks called Satan the (dirty) devil (diabolos) and Hades (Hebrew Sheol a place of the dead) was called Hell instead. (According to this confusion even those who fell asleep in Christ, using apostle Paul’s terms, are not asleep, but burn in hell.)

Satan became the seven-headed dragon as if it all came down to us from heaven. Then we preach the perfect peace, which Jesus gave us (John 14:27) without asking any questions as to what realm did Jesus get His peace from? If heaven was disturbed even once then it is no longer perfect and lacks the perfect peace, perfect love that casts out all fear; and lacks the perfect joy its fullness etc., and in this kind of a heaven we want to spent eternity? Who is thinking? Who wants to keep confusing God’s gift, which is the human and renewed by His Spirit mind?

To love our enemy means to heal not only us of the enemy-mentality and become the standard of God’s love on earth, but also those we meet. Anyone that comes to us can be healed of any enmity foolishness. Those who oppose this are not well; therefore it is possible that their souls may be ill.

That’s how powerful is God’s love in us.

But we have embraced the second idea rather than the first, which explains to us God’s anger because of unrighteousness (*2Samuel 24:1).

*[1Chronicles] 21:1 Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel.

Now, which is true the earlier book or the latter?

Of course, God was angry with David so He vented His wrath through Satan. It is all so logical. But to think this way one’s vindictive soul must be healed; only then one can see the glory of our Creator.

Embrace God’s bright light and not the dead doctrines of our predecessors, which are warped, unclean and useless. But in order to understand it all one must be trained in God’s oneness, which to a pagan may be still a foreign thing.

It will still take decades before this chapter - of the gospel preaching to the gentiles - will close. Most nations shy away from anything Jewish, but want the present day, even the American type of Christianity. And that’s okay, for so God chose and appointed to be for the time being.

[Romans 11:25b] (…) a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. 


1. The gift of faith alone only justifies and positionally makes one righteous before God who looks on His Son Jesus as the appeasement (of God’s wrath) and atonement. (Even a murderer can be justified and let loose; but he or she knows what they did. A thief can be justified, but he or she is still a thief.)
2. After justification one overcomes and truly becomes righteous, even perfect.
3. One becomes a fruit-bearing disciple and glorifies the Father.
4. We are not known by our gifts but rather by our fruits.
5. Asking questions means seeking God and His Kingdom. [Matthew 6:33] But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. He who asks humbles the pride of life and receives.
6. God can use anyone, even a donkey. God hired many laborers (hirelings) to do the job, but not all who are being used of Him are His sons.
7. God is the ALL Mighty and not PART Mighty God. He uses one to humble another. God used the king of Babylon and King Cyrus, hirelings to do His will. God can change any of His angels into an adversary (Satan) according to His will. He is God. Period.

I hope that this short discourse helped you understand God’s oneness and His sovereignty.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Excerpt: "Jesus said, [Luke 10:2] And He was saying to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

    He did not say sons but laborers who work for wages." Why Jesus said "laborers" - is the harvest the task for the laborers and not for the sons?

  2. For both. Only motivations are different. Looking from the Jewish point of view the Jewish people say, "Leave us alone." They have been so hurt (over thousands of years) that they have crossed the line and stay only together and do not reach out to the world. So, God chose another people to finish the job; even TBN the greatest Christian TV Network in the world, and the founder of TBN Paul Crouch has repeatedly said that this is so.

    We are in the last days of the preaching of the Gospel. (Matthew 24:14) and then the end will come.

  3. The reason why laborers can reach the masses is because they have developed fund raising techniques for media like television. What a son would not touch with a ten foot pole a hireling has no qualms about. Under religion one can do much with money, but under total freedom a son can do but little. So fund-raising plays a huge part in mass evangelism. Therefore, for the time being it is the hirelings dispensation, but times will change for at the end God will use sons in the supernatural way, like Philip who did not need money for planes, trains and automobiles and like Elijah who was fed by widows.

    If the gentiles did not take Jesus as their god and did make Him famous; Jesus would still be an insignificant figure in the writings of Josephus Flavius. But that was not God's plan.

    I see that epochs and appointed times belong to the Almighty, but the sequence He reveals to His servants. There must come the dispensation of the sons for without them the Messianic age would never come because the peacemakers His sons usher it in.

    [Amos 3:7] Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.

  4. Religious people don't search the truth. i've seen this many times. they think it is all true what the preacher teaches them. i remember, when i first got in touch with th last reformation. it hit my head so hard, that Satan was not thrown out of heaven, but i knew that there was Truth in this. i guess it took me a few month to understand it completely. i wish that there would be more people searching the truth beyond from what is taught to the masses. it is so sad to see what man has made with the gospel. it is not "good news" anymore. this has to change...

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