When a body dies the atomic reactor also exits, but where does it go? When Elisha’s body lay in an uncovered grave and a strange corpse fell into it; that corpse came to life (2Kings 13:21). The life’s energy is like a still active atomic reactor on earth; hovering over a body God used for the miraculous. If that energy is not redirected then it is squandered. Once the Holy Spirit came to earth on the day of Pentecost it remains on earth and is not recalled back to heaven. Elijah passed his mantle on to Elisha, but the latter did not pass it on to the next. Some say that John the Baptist got it. No he did not. It is still out there. Some call it the anointing. It is not, for anointing is only a medium, a mark, choice or even a stamp. God stamped Nebuchadnezzar for the Judean captivity. God stamped Cyrus to bring the Jews back to Zion. Each was anointed for different tasks. The moment David was anointed the Holy Spirit fell and stayed on David. So what happens to that choice/anointing when such vessel dies? The answer is clear; it must be passed on to the next. Neither Elisha, nor John the Baptist passed on their anointings to the next, but Jesus did. Hence, we are His body on earth today. Did He pass on resurrection power to us? Yes. So where is it? It remains in secret because the spirit of religion rules and not the power that raised Jesus from the dead, which is the same Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit leaves the heavenly domain and comes to the earthly sphere this power becomes atomic within the earthly milieu of fire, death and renewal. The core of the earth is atomic. All physical living forms on the surface of the planet earth move according to the laws of atom, neutrons, protons and electrons. However, the Holy Spirit’s nature is heavenly; therefore, timeless and not restricted by a measured space. 

Most embraced organized religion, which defines for them God and all that goes with it. The mix of physical perceptions and spiritual ideas is religion; and it stifles all progress, because it does not free, but actually does the opposite. Religion blocks all progress and spiritual development by throwing in elements of control and fear, like the fear of hell, the devil and the accompanying fantastic inventions about the supposed expulsion of Lucifer from heaven. This maze of things is neither clear nor straight, but it suits religion to keep it all that way. If all things were logical, straightforward and clear, religion would not have any pulpit because the need to examine isolated fragments would also not exist. So what would remain? – Higher and deeper things of God even those Enoch knew by which he overcame death. Enoch did not have to buy a cemetery plot nor was he eulogized. Religion buried these truths in sands of traditional thinking. These truths cannot now be revealed because religion would holler error or false with warnings to stay away from anyone who teaches anything outside of the centralized church dogma. An individual is free, but never in organized religion. Freedom is not possible in centralized organized religion. Warnings against false teachers and false prophet are given in order to fence in the old stale religion. 

It is interesting to observe that as soon as the nonreligious Jesus appeared, religion was trying to kill Him. If the same Jesus appeared in the Christian religious environment He would not be recognized for He no longer fits in. Just as the divine power penetrates the earthly hemisphere and works with the atomic particles of the earth so it is with words. The moment divine words fall on earth they are turned into self-serving religious ideas; and it is so because anything material is self-centered. Anyone who overcomes this self-centeredness and becomes God-centered preserves the original substance of heaven. And look now at what we do. We play with the atom, which is perfect in its original form; but with our ambitions, ego and self-centeredness we dissect it; and like religion; make it imperfect and very dangerous. We want to control it and use it to our liking, but by doing so we might destroy ourselves. Just as it is the case in religion so it is with nuclear weapons; what keeps us in check is fear. Why not leaving perfect things perfect and then attain to that perfection rather than use the perfect things to suit our ego driven vanities? 

Religion has already changed the original molecular structure of the heavenly truth. We have the central truth, but if we have only examined its merit without any subjective interpretations we would have agreed on all counts and then bask in its bright light. The truth centralizes, ego divides. Therefore, stupidity remains and most—looking from the heaven’s point of view—are fools. They love their asinine ways so much that to part with them is not possible. 

In Orthodox Judaism you can’t flip a switch on Sabbath, or drive a car because of that invisible to the naked eye spark. Rabbinical rendition of fire kindling is fire igniting; hence, all ignitions are forbidden on Sabbath although no one can see them. Someone had to look at the car engine’s spark plugs and see the exposed electric wiring on a switch to legislate it into a law. So this they see, but the bright light of the truth they don’t see. Once that hair has been split and defined; it then binds you. Oddly, those who are in this bondage are proud of it; otherwise they would ignore it. With this pride-pleasure narcotic no one wants to ever part for they know not any higher pleasure. 

When the Truth arrives—making comprehensive sense, illuminating every dark crevice of your mind—immediately former religious bondage with all sorts of fears forces itself on you. Your knees rattle and you loose that old footing you have been standing on for so long. Then, to keep your old footing intact, you have the choice to label the new and fresh as false—although it makes perfect sense—or to give the new light a chance. Either way a choice must be made. But an intelligent choice and not an indoctrinated one; do you understand the difference? The love of God’s perfect light and the love of freedom must then become preeminent otherwise no change is possible. You can’t keep on giving your brain to another to be washed with the old stale religion, which never made any sense anyway and try the new. You must part not with the new for the new will never bind you, but rather with the old. 

Again, when the Heavenly Truth arrives it must remain in its original character (packaging). It cannot be tailored to suit flesh, for it comes to transform the imperfect into something perfect; something old into something new. Once this original perfect truth is tweaked to suit it turns into a religious bondage; the truth becomes then marginalized, but it patiently waits for the sons of God, the lovers of the Truth to be loved, recalled and then fully embraced in its original form.  

So look now, when God’s miraculous power enters our earthly hemisphere it physically changes us, an all-physical things are atomic in nature. Blind eyes are opened and deaf ears unstopped, the damaged molecular structures return to their original state. The same is with the Word, the Truth; it also changes anything old into something brilliantly new and vibrant. No wonder that hardly anyone believes in miracles today for most believe only the old narrow way. Jesus could not perform any miracles in Nazareth for people’s mind went to the flesh gossiping about the carpenter’s boy and not the Firstborn Son of God. Result? Religion smothered life. 

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