We can't mix the supernatural with the natural for then it is 1/3 God 1/3 the natural, and 1/3 our own interpretation. 

The lion's den in the Daniel's case. Balaam donkey speaking with human voice, the same goes for Noah's animals. They all fasted for even the building of Noah's ark was supernatural from start to finish. 

This is the problem why the ministry of the supernatural is so minimal, and almost nonexistent - people mix God with nature. I do not want to say that this is pagan, but in fact it is still very much a pagan mentality.


If we go partially He is still good and answers according to that space or rather room we have prepared for Him in our, mind, heart and body. God works with His permissible will and not His perfect will for us. 

NAVEH is that special habitation place reserved only for Him, which 100% completely His. People trust man and THEN God, so our Heavenly Father is no longer # 1, but man. And, it's not even a matter of faith, but priorities, as if there is no prophet in the land and there is no balm in Gilead? 
When the messengers returned to him he said to them, “Why have you returned?” They said to him, “A man came up to meet us and said to us, ‘Go, return to the king who sent you and say to him, “Thus says the LORD, ‘Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are sending to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron? Therefore you shall not come down from the bed where you have gone up, but shall surely die.’”’” He said to them, “What kind of man was he who came up to meet you and spoke these words to you?” They answered him, “He was a hairy man with a leather girdle bound about his loins.” And he said, “It is Elijah the Tishbite” (2 Kings 1:5-8). 
Sharp and direct words, but it is not man speaking them but "THUS SAYS THE LORD." Tell Him, "How dare you? Who do you think you are?" Would you know who really speaks. But if you do not believe in God the carpenter who uses His chosen tools whenever He does anything supernatural on earth then you are a sad case indeed. You are lonely, wretched and destitute. Only extremely fleshly people demand dancing and prancing around their self-made sensitivities and pride of this very short life. 

Every public speech addresses only those who demand this kind of 'beating around the bush' approach. 'Don't you step on my toes.' 'Don't you dare to be too direct, blunt or straight-to-the-point, because I don't like it.' Why don't you like it? So when a man comes, like Eliyahu HaNavee (Hebrew for Elijah the prophet), and says THUS SAYS THE LORD, then tell Him (God in the prophet), "Please make rather a nice speech. so mild and smooth that it won't make any dent in my hard skull ... I do not want to change, nor repent, nor do I believe in this God of yours nonsense ..." Etc.         
Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has not the health of the daughter of my people been restored? (Jeremiah 8:22)
Can you fight with the Creator of mankind? You evolution theory or church theology are no gods to be feared; these are exactly as those man-imagined and invented pagan gods.
[1 Kings 14:7-10] “Go, say to Jeroboam, ‘Thus says the LORD God of Israel, “Because I exalted you from among the people and made you leader over My people Israel, and tore the kingdom away from the house of David and gave it to you—yet you have not been like My servant David, who kept My commandments and who followed Me with all his heart, to do only that which was right in My sight; you also have done more evil than all who were before you, and have gone and made for yourself other gods and molten images to provoke Me to anger, and have cast Me behind your back— therefore behold, I am bringing calamity on the house of Jeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam every male person, both bond and free in Israel, and I will make a clean sweep of the house of Jeroboam, as one sweeps away dung until it is all gone. 
Jeroboam, caused the first split between Judah and Israel; he set up two cows as Israel's new gods and seduced the entire nation with idolatry. God had permitted it, but He holds the culprit accountable. You can't fight with this sort of God; for He is not a theological god, but the ALL Mighty God, and yes, despite man's doings He is still the God of Israel.
[1 Kings 14:11-12] Anyone belonging to Jeroboam who dies in the city the dogs will eat. And he who dies in the field the birds of the heavens will eat; for the LORD has spoken it. Now you, arise, go to your house. When your feet enter the city the child will die.
"Well, I don't believe it, and I have according to my faith - the scriptures teaches," you might say. Yet, your self-made-up faith has no power; for you have not prepared a room (NAVEHfor God's kind of faith, for there is no humility in you, but only the "oversensitive" insolence, Jeroboam you fool."
[1 Kings 14:17] Then Jeroboam’s wife arose and departed and came to Tirzah. As she was entering the threshold of the house, the child died. 
Jeroboam sent to the prophet his wife, but disguised her as an ordinary woman, as if we can fool God's Spirit in the tool He holds in his hand? The tool and its holder are one in that instant.    


Noah's animals ate almost nothing.

[Genesis 6:21] “As for you, take for yourself some of all food which is edible, and gather it to yourself; and it shall be for food for you and for them.”

Meat eating came after the flood. 

In complete darkness of the ark most animals hibernated at which point their metabolism slowed down drastically. There was practically no eating, chewing cud nor defecation.

The second creation was suspended in the air in the belly of the mother called Noah's ark, which smelled with the sweet aroma of God's presence. Just as in the beginning where Holy Spirit hovered over the void so now the belly of the ark contains the second creation, symbolic of a new chapter in God; another transitional period of time.

There is the creation and its deterioration, renewal, revival and always something brand new and fresh.

The once new wine has gotten old and so sis the wineskins. Therefore both must be made anew for heavenly things do not age; therefore anything new and fresh are symbols serving us as reminders and pointers to something eternal. If we do not conform to that which is new, fresh and renewing we then decay in every area of our lives. Our memory will wane, our sharp thinking will become dull, and instead of joy we will accept sadness as something normal. Yet, in the presence of the Lord there is joy forever more.   

Regarding Noah, the whole thing was completely supernatural from start to finish. Noah's family stayed in the ark for 375 days, 1 year and 10 days. The numbers speak of God 1. (Hebrew Letter "Alef") - The sovereign over all One God - Sovereignty, 10. (Hebrew Letter "Yud") - Divine. - The tenth belongs to the Lord. 


[Luke 8:25] And He said to them, “Where is your faith?”
1. Is there any faith in you?
2. And if there is some faith in you than of what kind?
3. What is the location of your faith? Is your faith IN God or IN circumstances or in miracles themselves?

So WHERE, (location) is your faith?

A little quiz: kids read Harry Potter or watch a movie. Adults read novels and get deeply engrossed in the story. Others read Sherlock Holmes. Why don't we oppose these man-made things as being, yes, made up? It's enjoyable. But, when it comes to the supernatural things of the Almighty God kind, we begin question and then mix "reality" (whatever that is) with the supernatural. If we can't explain it away we leave it as being impossible; therefore false. We do not do that to Mr Holmes and his creator Mr Doyle or Agatha Christie and her mystery novels, do we? Why not? - Because these stories we are familiar with for they are taken out of life, especially the conniving, backstabbing, killing and hiding the crime... flesh and blood and all those accumulated trickery and those double minded secrets.

This world is a passing illusion in which we try to find the truth, but that's the wrong place we look for the truth. 


So now. Why can't we allow ourselves to be fascinated with God just as kids are with Harry Potter; until we are flabbergasted and out of breath? Oh, I know what I say, believe me. 

Being awestruck with our adult mature jaw-dropping attitudes and becoming like children is what God would very much like. He is the Supernatural Father who did not take a nap in His lazy-boy recliner.      

The same was with Israel. The entire 40 years was miraculous: manna, water from the rock, the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, no sickness, their clothes and shoes were not worn out. But the moment the Levites' feet touched the  Jordan River, and they stood in the midst of it, the waters parted until all the people crossed over. The moment they entered the Promised Land, manna also stopped. The cloud was gone and the pillar of fire also.

So which one is true in your mind, the no cloud, no pillar of fire, no manna, and no parting of water rather than the supernatural parting of the Red Sea, manna, the cloud by day and fire by night?  

If you have a hard time believing in that than perhaps you should read no more, for there is no resident in you faith in the supernatural God, but perhaps just your own imagination, and your own thinking. 


After Jericho fell, supernaturally, God then removed their baby diapers. The Israelites saw no more the cloud-guide or the pillar of fire.

The same is in our lives. So my dear children... There is some growing up we must do.

Here would be a good start. What God did during those days was for the entire congregation; for the witness. After the fall of Jericho the same God and the supernatural wanted to be reside with each individual Israelite and their respective families.

The Holy Spirit came to Jerusalem (Acts 2) for all to hear and see. But then the congregational witness of this miraculous occurrence was no more. Today the Holy Spirit is with me and through me with you as an individual, but you must prepare Him that very special place called NAVEH.

(Read more about it)   

Don't mix the supernatural with the natural. This tendency must be completely eliminated. 

Jesus said, "Have faith IN God" (Mark 11:22). Then if He so desires - through you He can move any mountain, which He Himself created. Having just some faith in God … little of me and little of Him … won't do? He finds no pleasure in such people. Also - do not have a passive kind of faith, as many do - in miracles themselves; for that's impersonal, magical... stupid. 

Stop believing in miracles. Instead, believe in the Miracles-Working God the Person, but do you know Him as such?


Even now, those who read the above, they have the choice of just reading it once and then move on to their mundane things as if this has never been spoken, treating it as something ordinary; another post; another Facebook; rambling and blabbering; and they never know that the word I just gave is a life changing and life giving information that brings the supernatural God into our lives, which can change death into life. Because, YES, it is nothing of man but all of Him!


Just right now. I received a call from Holland. A pregnant lady from the Dominican Republic is very concerned for her baby. The umbilical cord is wrapped around its head and the baby can't properly breathe. As we spoke through a translator, the presence of God was there and here. The Lord said through me that the baby will turn tonight in her belly and untie itself and that the baby will breathe normally. There was rejoicing.

This is Friday November 30. On Sunday I will get a call again. So here will be another insert of something new, which has already happened in heaven. But we live in a time zone and the lady's body carries a child, so she must go to sleep and rest in God's arms. 

I just received a call. Here is the new information: As I was finishing my speaking the baby in the lady's womb started to turn. The heartbeat was checked and it returned to normal. Today is Sunday Dec. 9 here is the news as written by the young lady from Dominican Republic. 

"Hello LBR the doctor told me that everything is best grown more and its heart well good my baby is in position everything is going well, thanks to God I have to go on Monday again to the doctor and they are going to decide on the date which will be the operation thank you very much LBR by their prayers and fundamental questions very grateful for your prayers and may the Lord continue to bestow his many blessings on you LBR thanks, thanks."

Today is December 21 2012. I just received this message:

"Everything is very okay with the baby. On the 17th of December the baby was born healthy. The mother and her newborn baby are fine. Soon the mother will send you a photo."
 This is the baby (left) born normal and healthy. Date: February 7. 2013. 


Elena Raphael wrote (Dec. 11 2012)
"About 12 years ago you prayed for me. The meeting was already ceded, you was about to bless the people and say farewell. I drove about 200 kms to come get to that meeting with two little children with me. It was not easy for me... and I had expectation that the Lord would help me by your ministry, because I was desperate.  
So, as you were about to close the ministry, silently I thought to myself, "Okay, I have another possibility but to take my life I planned to kill myself. Suddenly you paused, and you said, "Wait, the Lord wants to do something else." 
You called me to the front and started to prophecy about my life that I shall not worry about what I shall eat or wear or where I shall live or what I shall work (I was about 33 years old, with no profession, alone with two little children, no help from anyone, and very desperate.  
Dear Joseph, the Lord has tremendously blessed my life 'blessed out if my socks'. I am so thankful. I learned to play piano for the very first time, when I was 30 years old, and today I have my own house. I am working in my own music school, teaching four instruments, and I am a free person, so thankful and glad.  
Next Sunday we give a Christmas performance, later at the end the little children where singing a song about that the Lord Jesus who chose a small place in our hearts to plant this Christmas tree into (a friend of mine told me that the tree is Israel).
I had only closed doors in my life (some are still closed), but today I can say that I have found great peace and that I am ready when the Lord Himself comes to take my life."

About six years ago I suffered from very heavy asthma so that I could not breathe anymore. Therefore I joined a meeting with you in Erlangen. You asked everyone, who needs healing so I ran to the front. By your hand the Lord touched me and I started to laugh, which I didn't understand what was really happening. But the asthma left me forever. Hallelujah! 


1. Imagine a carpenter from whom you have ordered custom made kitchen cabinets. So, you come to his shop and upon seeing him using different kinds of tools you say, "No, no, no, you can't use any tools you must alone make the cabinets, that's what I believe and that's what I want." 

Many people want God to do miracles in their lives, but without using any of His chosen tools. Is that what God the carpenter chose for you?

Jesus said, you have not for you ask not.

[Mark 9:32] But they did not understand this statement, and they * were afraid to ask Him.

* Fear only comes when there is a blunder and ignorance. Asking God directly annuls blindness and ignorance.


2. People use their intelligence on completely wrong departments. Instead of synchronizing scriptures and seeing God's oneness they use and waste their intellect on things that do not really matter. Like, "How many nails Noah used in his ark? How many seeds the sower threw on the ground? Did Jesus get His feet wet when He walked on water?" Etc. So when I know, or imagine, I can then shine and impress people with my … stupidity.


The scriptures may contain mistranslations, copying errors or fall-outs in the original manuscripts, yet we still can synchronize them because it is the Word of the One God. It is not what is dogmatically or literally written, but rather what God's Holy Spirit reveals to us. The Bible is then God's tool. Other tools are found in Ephesians 4:11, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, even little kids. The entire nation of Israel is God's tool as well as anyone God sends your way. A carpenter often has tools hanging on his belt. If you take him by the hand away from his workplace then you take the man WITH his tools. So don't separate God from His tools.

Scratching your head, for example regarding those departments like the virgin conception and birth, Jesus walking on water, multiplying fish and bread or changing water into wine, and then applying our mediocre mind trying to understand it all is a complete waste of time, for with this sort of thinking we throw the Supernatural God away.

A wrong application applied in the wrong department. It's like going to a butcher shop asking for a marriage license.


3. Pagans worshiped God too, but it was the sun god, wind god, a stone, metal, figure or picture god, half natural and half mystical, assuming that my faith should please and appease (wrathful) gods. This pleasing of God (out of fear) has survived to this day, as if He really cares.

He sneezes and you are no more. Try to figure Him out then. It is the constant fleshly glory appropriation, robbing God of Him being completely supernatural, so supernatural that it can't be anymore supernatural. Mind boggling! Beyond the faintest human imagination.


4. If we take that route, we will end up at undermining Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Oh, how wretched, small and utterly lonely we then become. Misery in our path, sadness and depression presses us down to dust. Occasional gusts of wind pick us up only to drop us back on the same sad place.


5. God uses tools and He is the carpenter. He is Spirit, no contour, silhouette or anything tangible, figural or even naturally perceivable, neither explainable. So that part of our brain must be permanently shut when approaching God; for He cannot be handled by man, but He can handle man.

So let Him.


Yield to Him completely and wait on Him. Ask Him directly. Directly, directly, yes directly and wait for the answer. But if you ask Him to explain to you how Jesus walked on water then you better don't even try or ever go there for it's an insult. The motives are wrong. He resents man's impertinence, who only assumes to be someone special when in fact man is just a dung-pushing beetle. Man has not made NAVEH that special habitation place for Him, although we quote Apostle Paul that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.

Unless we get converted and become like children in the regard of receiving Him and His ways in a childlike manner; and by submitting ourselves to His parental authority, we will keep on insulting Him and even our spiritual intellect, which is His gift within us. This SPIRITUAL intellect in us has been insulted for much too long and it has enough of our vain and stupid bombardments. Unless we part with the old stuff we have stuffed ourselves with; and make a clear parting with it; and turn our backs on it, we will always wobble between the natural and the supernatural - whenever we address God, but the supernatural will be illusive.


Woe unto us for we have strayed from God's straight and simple path being seduced with our own mediocre intellectualism.

All roads lead to repentance and only then (after thorough repentance) He gives but a glimpse of Himself, but this drop in the ocean is already too much for many to handle, that's how far away we have strayed from Him. 


There is so much more to say, which would blast humanity into an unknown orbit, provided they read what's written, but it is better to shut my mouth. The closer we approach eternity the more secret our walk with Him becomes. But that individual walk is meant for all, but only few choose it.

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