The idea of Moses receiving the Torah in one long sentence without pauses settled well with the proponents of the Bible codes. A computer program skips a number of letters from which it makes legible sense making up words and sentences. It suits us to believe that God is like an all-knowing computer. In the age of computers and astounding connectivity the microprocessors stream out more new information than human brain ever could. Naturally we attribute these qualities to the Almighty. But why do we need to have a tradition of an acceptance of someone who affirmatively and authoritatively taught it; be it a saintly Rabbi or a scholar? When it suits us we take their statements as true and when it does not we do not bother. This selectivity is typical of the inquisitive human beings. 

This world of ours is filled with mysteries. We will never explain everything we stumble upon in our life. My task is to draw attention not to mysteries, sensationalizing something that needs no spin in order to grab someone’s attention, but rather to the straight and simple thoughts.

I have no problem with 6000 years or 60,000 years, 600,000 or 6million years. The 24-hour time intervals were not the same 6000 years ago as they are today. Call it an abstract thought, but why? [2Peter 3:8] with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. Time changes. The earth changes, gravity and distances, because everything moves and ages. The Universe expands and with it time.

No matter how smart our calculations of time may be; they prove nothing. A blind belief in the Bible as God’s (final) Word also proves nothing. What do you do after you have established that the Bible is God’s True Word? Will you push your own dogma to wrap someone around your own finger and then, I suppose, sell? Commercialism is usually at the bottom of any camp building and man’s dogmas. The first stage is to make someone believe and then based on that belief we sell this by ‘driving a screw into people’s heads’ telling them that they need it. We sensationalize things to draw people not to God and His Truth, but to ourselves, to our teaching, just to make a big splash. The egocentric works of self know no limits and no temperance. It is impertinent, but often well concealed. This “classy” way of getting away with one’s secret agenda is quite common. Into this Kenite system we fell like a fly into a honey jar and like to swim in.

The driving of the screw into people’s heads—that the Bible being the infallible Word of God, final and wholesome—has a purpose, as it has been partially explained already. It has to do with recruitment.

An opportunity arises when one can steady someone’s wobbling beliefs. One camp is not truer than another camp, but that’s what is happening. Today agnostics and atheists stand in stark contrast to believers the proponents of the Bible as the complete and invariable Word of God. These contrasts speak volumes. Without contrasts there are no choices. The logic we derive from the Bible is that ultimately it comes down to our choice between right and wrong, good and evil. Therefore spotting those elements is what the Creator is really after. One must not choose one camp over another. One cannot brand a denomination, scientific or even an agnostic community as being good or evil, for that is subjective. These kind of attitudes come from sentiments strife and yes restlessness; and when nurtured they do not promote intelligence for intelligence thrives in peace.

What speaks volumes is this verse, “Seek peace and pursue it” (New Testament of the Bible, 1Peter 3:11). Another verse is Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.” When we concentrate on making peace we will also start creating this rare commodity. The overpowering of evil with good is overpowering war with peace (Romans 12:21), for only in peace we walk and think straight. It is never one beliefs camp, or disbelief, versus another.

When labeling a denomination as being Christian, or not being one, has to do with definitions of Christianity. This sort of a trend had its start during the Hellenistic period by the Hasmoneans who called up a cast of Pharisees. Their job was to fix Jewish beliefs and formerly establish Judaism as the official Jewish religion. When Jesus came He shook up those fixed beliefs, which were worked on for over 200 years. Why? Freedom is what God loves. God frees while man binds. In Christianity, under the Roman Emperor Constantine the Christian church did the same by unifying tenets of faith, but that was to centralize and control. In this kind of a system an independent thinker was branded a heretic. Personal and free relationship with God was also heretical, etc.

Times have changed but did man change? Denominationalism, sectarianism, political parties; groups with centralized and narrowed down beliefs systems oppose each other. It is a form of appeasement of those warring and restless genes in us. Competitions, championships and trophies (in sports) stem from the same need; to appease rather than give vent to self-definitions and pride, which too often result in killing and destruction. Only after disasters man thinks of God and heaven, but instead of creating peace man is busy creating more camps, which eventually rival each other. With that frame of mind man turned his thoughts to God and heaven; and in search of answers has imagined that the first war was in heaven. One of such books is the Book of Jubilee, which is a complete nonsense and shall remain as such forever e.g., fallen angels came down to earth and taught us magic and witchcraft, etc. Instead of working on ourselves we look externally seeking to blame something or someone and… our restlessness experiences no healing peace.

What is going on? Why do we keep on defining things and settling them as final doctrines and why do we settle theories and beliefs? What’s wrong with keeping things suspended in the on-rolling time? And even if we have never settled something, which we would like to be in the imaginary control of, would we be so unhappy then? Observing that which is and not concluding, not yet, and again not yet… for infinity, is the way to go. There comes the blaming finger, “you said it and now you have changed.” What’s wrong with progress and refinement? “If you no longer believe this and that?” Why don’t you ask what changed it e.g., “do you have something better, truer, reasonable or stronger?” The answer can be a disappointment with something one strongly believed in, or one can tell what invalidated the old belief, which is an acceptance of something to be true. If I do not accept what I once have accepted as being true then I must have something higher and much better. And that’s the case with me today.

Today Darwin’s evolution theory became like a worn-out garment with too many holes. To patch up this moth-eaten garment is impossible. Carbon-14 testing is also worn-out and has stopped being accurate, but was it ever? We send man to the moon and robots to Mars, but when a commercial plane disappears from the radar screen; no one can find it on this rather small planet. Billions of dollars has been made from publications on evolution and more is to be made, which is okay as long as we are willing to change as new evidences present themselves.

What baffles archeologists today is the recent discovery of the upright walking ARDI, (Ardipithecus Ramidus). The elected “honorable” chimp fell off its throne and stopped being the ancestor of human beings. The evolutionary missing links still go missing. One laughs at another, but the one who really laughs is the Creator (Ps. 2:4).

Study the Creator who is Spirit and whom you are unable to define or control and you will find happiness. You will hear His voice and He will infuse you with His intelligence, which is always found in peace.  

The ardent defense of the evolutionary theory, in my view, was a waste of time, which could have been used on something much better than just examination of fossils. We can study fossils, but not conclude. Let the unanswered questions remain unanswered. What’s wrong with that?   

Man has no faith, which he claims to possess and uses, but only to define something loose. Little information must not necessarily produce one’s belief. After that one seeks to prove that he or she was right all along. That’s man’s foolish faith. True faith needs no such help for it is gift divine, which comes and goes and it is indeed miraculous. Verifiably, I state it to be so. One can accept my experiences with the supernatural or not, it does not bother me one bit if someone does not believe. In fact I do not expect anyone to believe when someone does not want to. The fact remains. I have experienced the welling up in me of the supernatural force of faith and then I have seen the miraculous first hand. There were times when miracles happened quite naturally; and there were times where I could do nothing for I experienced nothing. The gift of faith comes and goes and comes to us at special occasions. During those instances we no longer believe or hope, but know. This knowledge is wonderful for it contains not one shadow of any doubt, but is absolute surety. But again, there are times when that surety is not there.

Here is the point: we must study the reasons behind the arrival of this awesome gift of faith; when and why it comes and to whom; its infusion and its departure. What draws it, who draws it and why? This study produces the desirable fruit, which I must state here that I already know, but in a sense it is tricky, because it deals with my knowing of the human makeup, the psyche and general disposition. Because man hides many things; and most of the time pretends to be someone he or she is not; the knowledge of the (heavenly) Truth only irritates. The Truth wants to strip man of hypocrisy, which pretense is, but too often is not permitted. Therefore, whoever lives a truer life before God and is truer to self one finds favor, which I can see when the gift of faith wells up in me; and then it brings awareness. In no time miracles take place, be it physical instantaneous healing or even the expulsion of death in which place comes life. The Spirit of Life works on this basis. God wants to be compassionate to whom He will show compassion and be gracious to whomever He wants to be gracious (Exodus 33:19). These are the conditions; that is why it is quite difficult to teach people complete honesty and truthfulness. 

When the hidden secrets of mind and heart are addressed man would quickly try to call it as being false because these revelations tear down the mask of pretense. The protest may be inner and never come out, but that is even worse for it breeds turmoil. Before one can experience the awesome power of God one must at all cost seek to be true to him or herself and with their Creator.

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